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The Alpha Pi Chapter of Theta Chi offers two rounds of recruitment and pledgeship during each academic year, once in the Fall semester and once in the Spring semester. Historically, Fall semester is the more formal and populated time for rushing, as it allows freshmen to be able to be a member of Theta Chi for all eight semesters of their time at the University of Minnesota. However, over the past three years, our chapter has had large Spring semester pledge classes that have included transfer students, and students who did not rush in the Fall but have decided that they would like to join our organization. We are an inclusive chapter and we open our Fall and Spring semester recruitment to UMN students of any grade and all backgrounds. Interested? Reach out to recruitment chairman on @thetachiumn.


The beginning of each Fall semester is an exciting time for all students at the University of Minnesota. For returning students, it is a time of reconnecting with college friends, anticipation towards the Football season, and getting back into the classroom to continue learning. For new students, it is a time to get acquainted with the campus and to meet new people and there is no better way to do that than participating in Fall rush.

Typically, Fall recruitment begins the weekend after Freshman Welcome Week with tabeling and house tours. Tabeling takes place at the RecWell gymnasium and is an opportunity for Freshman to meet with the recruitment chairmen, as well as 1-2 members, from each fraternity. House tours is an event coordinated by IFC in which students are led from fraternity house to fraternity house in a group led by an IFC representative, and allows prospective pledges to meet more guys and get a tour of each fraternity house. After tabling and house tours, we will host three more events throughout the week to provide additional opportunities for you to meet our brothers. The last day of Fall recruitment is on the Thursday after Welcome Week and that is when we will extend bids to prospective members who have shown strong interest and that we believe will be a good cultural fit in our brotherhood.


Spring Recruitment is not as formal as Fall recruitment, as it has less involvement from IFC. Spring recruitment typically begins during the first week of the Spring semester with a tabling event, but does not incorporate organized house tours into the process. However, we will still host three events during the week so there are still opportunities for potential new members to meet all of the brothers and to get a tour of the house. Similar to Fall recruitment, bids will be extended on the Thursday of that week and that is when the pledge process will begin.


Although the recruitment process is slightly different from Fall to Spring semesters, the pledge process stays consistent for our members. Upon receiving a bid (a formal invitation to join our brotherhood), a new member will meet his pledge class. These will most likely be the people that a new member will become closest to throughout their years in the fraternity, as the process encourages collaboration and team-building amongst the group. The pledge process lasts around 8-10 weeks and is designed to teach our new members about our history, ideals, organizational processes, and culture before being initiated as a brother of Theta Chi. For questions about the pledge process and new member education program, reach out to us through our Instagram @thetachiumn.

Recruitment Information

Contact Us:

Follow us on Instagram and make sure to turn on post notifications for updates on rush week and other events. Our brothers are excitedly waiting to meet new faces and welcome new members.

Contact Info:

Joel Tande
Vice President of Recruitment
(701) 335-3639

Nathan Pascual
Rush Chairman
(224) 230-1976

Josh Barsky
Rush Chairman
(312) 391-9800

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