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Academics and Career Development

Academic excellence is one of the established pillars of all Theta Chi chapters. This drive for academic success is best displayed in the Maxim of Theta Chi: "Alma Mater First, and Theta Chi for Alma Mater"

This Maxim, or rule of conduct, means that brothers of Theta Chi are expected to put their academic responsibilities above all else, and that Theta Chi shall be used as a tool to aid a brother towards academic achievement. Our chapter provides resources for our undergraduate members to ensure their academic success, including study groups and connecting members’ with similar academic goals. We have a dedicated study room within our fraternity house full of textbooks and other resources, as well as an intangible culture of academic motivation that is instilled in our recruits during their pledge process.

When it comes to career development, Theta Chi Fraternity is also a valuable asset for a number of reasons. First of all, we provide opportunities to network with our alumni and with brothers from other chapters. Networking is an essential part of career development so having a wide network of alumni and other connections is a vital advantage for our members. Additionally, membership in our brotherhood is an excellent way to develop and improve important soft skills that are beneficial to any career. Throughout a brothers participation in Theta Chi, they will develop a plethora of skills, such as interpersonal communication, leadership, public speaking, tying a tie, understanding Robert’s Rules of Order, and many more. Throughout a member's time at Theta Chi, one will see himself come in as a young recruit, steadily grow and learn throughout their time, and graduate as a more well-rounded individual capable of achieving success in their personal and professional lives.

3.65 GPA

75 Members

Countless Resources

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